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Instrumental Rock Vancover
The Swagmen are instrumental rock musicians from Vancouver
The Swagmen sound is both instrumental melodic and wave surf rich
Watch and listen to The Swagmen playing at the Ocean Man Triathlon awards party
Enjoy 3D SWAGMEN GALLERY. Do you want to play?
The Swagmen have extensive stage experience and have performed in a wide variety of venues
Vancouver Ocean Man Triathlon

The Swagmen are instrumental rock musicians from Vancouver, Canada who love to entertain a willing crowd of listeners. Their sound is both melodic and rich. If you like surf standards like Pipeline and Apache, or loungy type tunes such as Walkin' and Wonderful Land, then the chances are you'll enjoy the Swagmen.

 The Swagmen are seasoned performing musical artists whose music career began in the 1980s. Originally, there were five band members but that eventually diminished  down to four. After several years of performing as a combo, the  number went down to two. As it stands now, Ed Buquet and Bob Nicholson are the remaining core members who are intent on adding their present musical material to their original set list.  

The Swagmen have put out 2 professionally recorded CDs. The 1st recording was made in 1994 at East 3rd Avenue Studios in Vancouver and consisted of 10 songs. It was mastered in the spring and released in June of that year. Several years later, a second recording was made consisting of 14 additional surf rock instrumentals. This recording was released in 1999.

Whether The Swagmen are performing as a combo or duo, the response from their audience is always positive. Today, Bob and Ed get hired to perform at private functions, theme parties, weddings, boat launchings or special events. You can also visit them occasionally at Granville Island in Vancouver or on the Steveston wharf, weather permitting of course.